This is a launch of a blog focused on those levers of productivity so powerful, they are almost superpowers.

Lever of Productivity? What's that?

Productivity is your ability to produce work. A lever allows you to do more work either making the work more efficient or allowing you to go beyond your limits. So a lever of productivity is a tool, skill or talent that allows you do do more more efficiently, push past your limits or both.

There are many different types of levers, skills and talents that are internal, skills that allow you to leverage the outside world, and external tools and services that allow you do do more.

We will systematically review different types of productivity enhancements, their potential magnitude, when to apply them and how to get them.

Below is a short table of some of powers to be had (to be updated regularly)

Superhero PowerTop LevelDistinct Lever
Super leadershipDelegationLeadership
CyborgsAutomationSoftware Development
Robotic Automation
Software Tools
Hardware Tools
I am BatmanSkillsHabits Processes
Smart Problem Solving
Unique or Niche Value
Super StrengthHealthExercise
Eating right


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