Big Table of Book Recommendations

BookAuthor1. How reading it made me feel 2. Summary of the book 3. Favorite things 4. Dislikes5. Takeaways or learnings6. Comment or direction for the boysRating out of 5Key InsightsAmazon Link
Smart Cuts Shane SnowHopeful and engaged, optimistic view of the world building on things I knowThe power of lateral thinking to push you forward, the development of skills to take advantage of your opportunities, parlay small wins into big wins to go fast, persistence and looking for th easy way, need to notice what is around you. Get fdeedback and try and get it depersonalzied so it can be used. Sometimes a checklist is better than practice. Sometimes it is better to follow particularly in areas of change (stand on the shoulders of giants), shift strategies to go what goes fast - throw a lot and see what sticks. Keep making progress, aim for a little bit of competition not mass competition (no low hanging fruit where everyone is, go for 10x to fight with a few. Progress idea and lateral thinkngA little flufflyKeep building my skills to be ready for an opportunity, and try to keep progress internally to stay happy
Food: A love storyJim GaffiganAmusedGood humor can make me laugh and laugh and that feels very good, relevant to my situation seems to make things funnierSeabuglandiaThe later chapters on fast food life were sadEnjoying what you do , giving time to your family and trying hard seem to helpEnjoy food, it is wonderful
The Hard Thing about Hard ThingsBen HorowitzInspiredGood ideas about thinking proactively (how to get value out of loudcloud) being there for people with tougth decisions SO many key things, you can make hard decisions but you can let people keep their respect, make the hard right decisions but don't be an asshole. Make the best decision when there are no good ones, get your team to help you on the right things. live by your code! Train your people for leverage! Be the CEO of your product and write clear guidance , get your team what they need and know the sales forceA bit wartime focused, ancedote drivenGet out and listen and learn as much as possible while doing your job, empower through training, make the hard decisions when they come based on the information you have. Don't take the easy way out and have fair and clear processes. and "Of course, even with all the advice and hindsight in the world, hard things will continue to be hard things. So, in closing, I just say peace to all those engaged in the struggle to fulfill their dreams."My favorite quote" I thought that I could pursue my career, all my interests, and build my family. More important, I always thought about myself first. When you are part of a family or part of a group, that kind of thinking can get you into trouble, and I was in deep trouble.", another key one "“How can we walk away from requirements that we know to be true to pursue something that we think will help?” It turns out that is exactly what product strategy is all about—figuring out the right product is the innovator’s job" and People always ask me, “What’s the secret to being a successful CEO?” Sadly, there is no secret, but if there is one skill that stands out, it’s the ability to focus and make the best move when there are no good moves. andIf a warrior keeps death in mind at all times and lives as though each day might be his last, he will conduct himself properly in all his actions. Similarly, if a CEO keeps the following lessons in mind, she will maintain the proper focus when hiring, training, and building her
The Intelligence ExplosionScaredAI is coming and philosophy may be the best way to make it safeAI may want to use our atoms for other stuff, no reason to be niceDidn't seem to offer a lot of actionable adviceAI will change the world and could be scary
BoldPeter Inspired and ScaredThe world is changing and there are a lot of tools that can be leveraged to help this out, outsourcing, crowd technologies, robots, 3d printing and AI will dramatically change the world and more will be possible with less for those who are willing to reachPragmatic advice adn resources with a good back storyNot sure how relevant it is to my life, and bit cheerleading, not that much more than abundanceThis is the time of leverage and great things, building skills, work and out reach can provide amazing opportunity, I should have incorporated his learning more stronglyLeverage is going to be key for their success, need to reach high and practice hard, and there are ways to jump the fence
The Good Life LabWendy Jenhara TreymaneCreative, interested and lackingTwo major takeaways, there are a lot of alternatives to the typical rat race and even alternative economic approaches, much is available in the waste stream, also the internet has enabled a whole generation of makers and the opportunity for home made is now hugeThinking about the waste streams and escaping, the cool making itemsSeemed a bit fuzzy in certain items, not sure how this will work in the post AI worldI need to engage in making more and waste lessWe need to make more and build together there are many ways to reach success
The Art of LearningJosh WaitzkinInspired, meditative excitingA tour de force on how to learn and achieve top performance, with insightful stories and appliable techniquesMany items - 1. You need to challenge yourself and risk losing to learn best, 2. You will face challenges and setbacks take them as an opportunity to improve, 3. Sometimes you maybe beat down and need time to heal but don't stop improving, work through the pain or work on supporting items, 4. Break down things to the fundamentals and get good at them first, 5. Look for the tells - footwork, leaning or whatever small cue you can use to understand your challenge. 6. Building your base is key for making important insights. The more you know the deeper your insight can beNothing reallySee favorite thingsRead it and practice early5
Extreme OwnershipJocko Willink and Leif BabinWanting to get after itTake ownership of your life, work and projects. Understand how to build success over time


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