Super Change up Power

Sometimes to learn something you need to focus, and give it your all. Any effort you turn on it must be deep and focused and attention paid. Learning fundamental theories, acquiring a technical skill, learning a new lift. For these to be effective you need to turn on your mind and push forward.

However this is not the best way to learn everything, for certain things particularly things that aren't your core focus, just showing up regularly can help out. If at the end of a tough day a work where you have spent your all, spending a few minutes a day practicing chords, or learning new words, may help you keep a skill alive that you wouldn't have the energy to keep going otherwise. Keeping things alive and moving slowly will help keep you supple and make real progress over time, and for background skills that is a much better way to move forward than crash bootcamps for 2 weeks and nothing for months. A lot of life doesn't work like boot camps and if you main energy is given to your job or your passion but you don't want to end up one dimensional. Taking the few minutes just to show up may be the best way forward.

Also sometimes just showing up is needed when you get older. As you get older your recovery power drops, and to keep things going you need to avoid the super intensity and find a way to keep progressing but not injuring yourself or pushing yourself so hard you get sick.

Knowing when to shift gears, and knowing when to go slow, will allow you to extend your super powers long into the twilight of life.


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