Architect - Super Building Power

One of the most powerful things you can do is take the opportunity to clarify and structure things where no structure exsits. There is a lot of romanticism about beautiful free flowing open thought. However, this is not appropriate for most situations, even for creativity, it has been shown that putting constraints in place increases creativity. And when you are looking beyond creativity structure becomes even more important for getting things done.

When trying to communicate to someone, take a moment in your head to structure what you want to communicate gives you dual benefits, one by taking time to think about structure you get to polish and refine your thoughts. Second by structuring your comments you make it easier for the person you are communicating to understand what you are trying to express, they don't have to expend extra effort to get what you are saying the structure should give them pointers.

Structure is not just important for communication, it helps with decision making and team work. Taking the time to set goals, define criteria which are appropriate and doing it before hand allows for a smoother process and results in less biased (more correct) answers.

Structure provides strength and enables things for purpose. Take a moment and structure your world.


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