Binge to Win - Deep Immersion for greater learning and connections

The advantage of submerging yourself is a specific subject can be dramatic. Particularly when trying to learn a topic or push past a plateau.

Bingeing, typically by consuming a series of related books, articles or material all in a short time is a very good way to get a deeper understanding of a subject. The immersion and different viewpoints from multiple texts will force you to think more deeply about a topic enhancing active learning and allowing for the development of extra connections.

If you only pick a single source or document, regardless of the quality of that document, you will only go through the material once and that time will be with a single point of view. The single point of view will push you to accept all the material at a basic level.

If you binge, by say reading the history of certain events, combined with biographies covering the same time period - The Victorian Internet and Faraday, Maxwell and The Electromagnetic Field, as a simple case you can see the interactions of the scientific developments, and the world altering changes that occur, this will enable you to make more connections about the impact of certain events and by seeing what different authors focus on for relative importance will allow you to take a more skeptical view to everything presented, pushing you to deeper understanding.

This approach works beyond bingeing on history, it can be done looking at investing, science, new trends or ideas. Seeing how different views on the same topics interact, forces you to think and process more. Doing it in a short contained period when your recall is greater, will improve your long term retention of the material and will help push you to making your model.

Aside from being a good way to get into a topic and establishing a baseline, binging is a good way to push to another level of understanding if you feel you have hit a wall. By deeply immersing yourself in a topic you are familiar with, but bringing in a variety of interesting sources, you can reexamine your baseline of understanding and push yourself to see deeper trends or patterns. Forcing yourself to confront and reconcile multiple viewpoints at the same time requires more active mental intervention and the very effort of active intervention will help you build deeper understanding and build connections and models that should push you to the next level of understanding.

Bingeing takes effort, engagement and requires repeating some of the same material but these costs are more than offset by the efficiency gains in getting to deeper and stronger understanding.


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