Do the right thing power

While in an ideal world you would be both super efficient and super effective, if you have to choose it is much more important to be effective. Many productivity guru's including Tim Ferriss talk about their difficulty being efficient and issues with procrastination but when it comes to doing what is important they do the things that move the needle. This is a key thing. You can spend everyday just getting things done and that will allow you to build a career as a mid-level processor. But if you can get the important things done you can have real breakthroughs. This is one of the key concepts of Peter Thiel's Zero to One there are many people who can make things 10% better and there is definitely a time and a place for steady incremental improvements but the people who beat the world make the change from nothing to something. Doing the important thing means avoiding the small feel happy items of efficiency and focusing on accomplishing the big things. Getting out and making the big sale with a strategic client rather than continuous small cold calls. Making contact with the mentor or partner who can bring your work to the next level. Some of this is about prioritization but some of this is also about determining what strategic things need to be done and executing well on those while maybe some of the small stuff falls by the wayside.  - Do the right thing, aim for the right spot and what you accomplish may be totally out of proportion to what you do.   


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