Learn by doing - Experience makes heroes of us

One of the most common traps when you are trying to get better or acquire new skills is to invest a ton of time in reading all the latest books and materials. This is attractive, you get a little dopamine rush from buying a new book, feel very virtuous as you read all this new material and it fills you with new ideas. Unfortunately, then the easy part stops and people are faced with the choice of either taking the time to actually practice the skill, which is hard, maybe daunting if you don't know where to start, and can be difficult to do from the comfort of your bed, or you can take the easy path, get another book on your kindle and not even have to get up from your warm bed.

Unfortunately the easy way gets taken a lot for the reason it is easy, you get the quick dopamine hit and you feel you are being productive. Unfortunately the quality of your learning from just reading is significantly lower than what you can get by actually trying to put in practice your reading.

The hierarchy of learning goes something like this

Reading is beaten by trying to explain what you read, which is beaten by doing something without reading, which is beaten by reading something and then intentionally trying to practice it which is beaten by reading something, trying to do it and then analyzing the results.

So while it is harder to do you can supercharge your learning (by a factor of 5 to 10) by reading, and then intentionally trying to practice what you read or learn, and then do even better by actively thinking about what you learned. This will set you up for practicing so much it becomes automatic, which will unlock the next level of mastery for you.

While it is great to learn from the masters, you need to learn by doing, not just by reading.

So get out there and do.


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