Keep calm to level up

This is not true. People often think that intensity is everything and that the secret to leveling up is to leave everything on the field or in the gym.

Remember though - Intensity is for Amateurs Consistency is for Pros.

Showing up and doing sub-maximal effort that challenges you but doesn't destroy you is one of the best ways to progress.

Coach Chris Sommer long time junior national gymnastic coach stated - posting a photo of your ripped hands because you did so many kipping pull-ups is a sign of stupidity, since what ever you did in that one day can not make up for the time you will miss recuperating.

All you need is enough stimulus to grow, and the best way to do that consistently and avoid injury is to push yourself, hard but not so hard that failure every becomes an option. This will help you build your base, expand your strength and before you know it you will be pushing through new records for yourself.

This isn't just true in strength training. When learning a language, or new skills like learning to type, push your self so you are out of your comfort zone but don't go crazy. Also a little every day will help you get a feeling of continous accomplishment and your brain will better integrate your learning. 5-10 minutes a day of learning new words or practicing typing will provide a lot more value than spending 1 hour once a week. (if you can push to 30 minutes or a hour every day for something like guitar, even better but don't push past your point, stress yourself lightly and then allow the growth to occur in the background and you will level up in no time.

For the kids out there. It may not seem like you have a lot of time and you will want to push yourself crazy. Don't do it, you have a ton of time. Push your self a little bit consistently , and then take advantage of being a kid to get out and have fun, play and projects will supplement all the learning you do. If you need to go deep, try working on related items this will improve your integration and help you avoid burn-out. And if you start young like Goku you can rock the world.


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