Arch-villains to be aware of - WTH man!

REALLY CHARLES? WTH MAN! meme - Picard Wtf

One of the key challenges you will face is falling off your path, your diet, your habits, or your goals. If this happens it is all to easy to say What the Heck!

I missed my workout yesterday, WTH I guess I can miss today as well.

I ate a cookie at work, WTH I can have pizza and dessert tonight since my diet is already shot.

I missed my deadline for my project WTH I can go out drinking tonight.

I had a drink WTH I can have a few more.

Its not great to fall off your path, but honestly a small infraction isn't going to kill you or derail your goals.

HOWEVER - if after you fall off your path - you say WTH - then bad things will happen.

Soon one day off your exercise plan will lead to a week of not working out.

An extra cookie leads to a titanic binge or just not caring, and all of a sudden you are 5 pounds heavier.

The issue with missing something is that you dig yourself a hole.And to fill the hole to get back where you started takes effort. Missing something once is a small hole and if you get back on track you will have filled the hole in a day or two. Missing something for a while and it could take a week or month to get out of the hole and that whole time you are not feeling great since you aren't making new progress to your goal just making up for lost time.

WTH Man is sneaky and insidious. It looks like just a small increase and you already have messed up, but the key to long term progress is keeping your average speed high, so if you fall off, beat down WTH man and get back on track.


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