Super Friends for long life

Friends are very important, not only do they provide, support, leverage, entertainment they also make you live longer - From Eric Barker excellent news letter - 
Having few friends is the health equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It's worse for your health than not exercising.

Via Friendfluence: The Surprising Ways Friends Make Us Who We Are:

Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Brigham Young University, did a meta-analysis of 148 studies and concluded that a lack of social support predicts all causes of death. People with a solid group of friends are 50 percent more likely to survive at any given time than those without one. Holt-Lunstad calculated that having few social ties is an equivalent mortality risk to smoking fifteen cigarettes a day and even riskier than being obese or not exercising!
Many studies show that social connection provides serious benefits for your health, through greater engagement, people looking out for you and an increased desire to look out for yourself. Together these lead to a longer life. 


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