Bouncing Back - The power of resilience

The ability to bounce back and go forward is a remarkably underrated super-power. It is really easy to get angry and go off the blocks. If you let it fester, you can ruin your day, your weekend, your vacation or your life.  

There are a lot of painful things that can happen in life. Small events that can make you question your value, your abilities, your skills. When faced with these events you can let it derail your life and get angry and stay angry.

This is the equivalent of getting injured when you train. It knocks you off your pace for a long time and can do serious damage. The best thing to do is overcome the WTH effect  and then get back into life. 

If you are angry at those who you are with, take some deep breathes and try and do something fun together. If you quickly go into something else, particularly if it is unrelated the the source of the anger, you can quickly be laughing and happy again. There are many stories of friends, or family members who have destroyed their relationships by letting small things fester. 

Try and bounce back and do it quickly. It will limit the damage and help you be happier with a higher average speed of life!


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