Guide to Super Powers - Part 1

How to go about getting super powers? If you are going to learn many super powers is there a better order to learn these in - Yes!

What you want to do is take some time to learn the fundamentals of learning and building skills, then start to acquire skills in the order that they provide the greatest overall benefit to you. I.e. building a skill that increases your overall energy will allow you to develop more skills simultaneously so get that extra energy first.

The very first thing to learn when building skills or ability is the benefit of maintaining your average speed - this more than anything will help you acquire a truly impressive range of super powers. Showing up and doing a little bit every day is much more powerful than boom and bust cycles, and spreading this out among many skills allows you to learn a huge amount without a lot of perceived effort and so you will look back and see what you have accomplished (Level-up,  Power of Resilience , Peripheral Power, and keep calm to level up).

The next key thing is learning how to plan and how to problem solve. If you can take the time to plan, even if you plans change you will be able to focus on the highest leverage activities first which will be huge. The ability to problem solve fits in with this, allowing you to better plan and allowing you to overcome issues when you encounter them. These meta powers along with the ability to show up and take action will allow you to achieve a huge amount. (Super Planning Power, Architect and I am Batman - Bulletproof PS). To support your problem solving efforts, you also should take the time to Learn the rules of the game to win as this will help you focus on what is important) in addition when looking at the overall game or plan - remember to aim for better not perfect - this will lead to infinite power.

The next key skill is learning how to break your plan or problem into bite sized chunks. One of the biggest obstacles to success is having a problem and a solution but being overwhelmed by the size of the solution, break it down into small actionable chunks and then with your average speed you will be able to beat things down.Scale Tall Buildings, to facilitate accomplishing each of these little steps take the time to lower activation energy which will make it easier to get things done. Finally when looking at this you need to Do the right thing power.

Combining both problem solving and small items, trigger checklists are a powerful way to make sure your activities are more productive.

Another key meta-skill to develop early is to become invulnerable, the better you do this at the beginning, the more protected you will be over time and ironically the more you will be able to risk and develop.

Now that you have these kill meta-skills what is next. How about focusing on how to learn and how to learn effectively. Reading books (or even blog posts) is not the best way to learn. The most effective ways to learn, first find a mentor who will put you on the right path to get started, someone who in the words of Tim Ferriss has been able to take a variety of different people to amazing levels of performance, get the road map from them and get up on their shoulders to learn. Then absolutely critically, you must learn by doing actually practicing and doing is the best way to learn, it will increase your skill acquisition dramatically. Supporting this and linking back to scaling tall buildings, is breaking your skills down Block by Block,  this will give you manageable pieces to work on.

Next Step - Skills to start with


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