Super Morning Person - working out in the morning gives you superpowers for the whole day

Working out is good for you. Being a morning person is also good for your health and productivity.

Unfortunately many people though being a morning person does not come naturally.

There are a couple of synergistic things that can be done to help you become a morning person

*Go to bed earlier and on a regular schedule - Getting an appropriate amount of sleep makes it much easier to get up (along with a huge host of other health benefits), and having it regular schedule allows your circadian rhthym to stabilize, even if you aren't naturally a morning person

*Work out in the morning. This doesn't have to be your only work out of the day, but getting up and working out provides a huge host of benefits. One of the most positive is that working out makes you feel good, and if you do it first thing in the morning you will feel good through the rest of the day (instead of the 15 minutes before you go to sleep, and sleeping already feels pretty good anyways).

Working out in the morning has a lot of benefits for establishing the regularity of your schedule. Your average speed  is absolutely critical in making progress on your goals and by scheduling your workout first thing in the morning there are many fewer ways to get derailed. Many people have busy days and if you don't get your workout wrapped up first thing in the morning you have a lot of things that can go wrong
*Something comes up - a work meeting an event with friends or other emergency that you need to deal with so you lose your workout time
*You feel too tired - You had a long day, you feel tired and you say "I'll workout tomorrow" If you do this tomorrow is always a day away

Having your workout first thing in the morning provides many fewer obstacles. People generally don't schedule meetings 6 or 7 am in the morning (or at 4:30 if you are Jocko Wilink) so you are unlikely to have a conflict. Also if just woke up, the day shouldn't have a chance to make you tired yet.

It can be hard to make this change, but once you have overcome the inertia inherent in any change, your momement will help you continue this habit and you will get the benefit of higher average speed, greater energy to accomplish your goals and you will feel good all day long.


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