Super Start - Catalyst Prime

Sometimes its really hard to get started.

Sometimes its really hard to keep moving.

But if you never start, and you don't keep moving you will never produce anything.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to architect your life so you can start easier and keep moving when you otherwise might stop.

First, exercise in the morning, it will help increase your energy and your focus. Also it will calm your nerves and jitters, basically the opposite of starting on email, the internet or social media first thing in the morning.

Having exercised you will feel good, and more focused making it easier for you start whatever you want to do.

Make it even easier by deciding on what is the most important thing you can do that day, and breaking that task into manageable chunks.

Even if you are calm and focused and know what you need to do. If the magnitude of the problem feels overwhelming, you may not start. But if you break it down into small manageable chunks, its easier to start and you will start feeling the accomplishment of getting tasks done.

No one's energy is infinite however, and if you get tired or distracted. Take a focused break, get up get your blood moving, anything from a short walk, to a push-up break or jumping rope. The break will bring your energy back and allow you to take another crack at your work. If you know that you will need a break beforehand you won't feel guilty when you take it, which is a much better path than keeping yourself going through burn out and the quality of your work suffering as a consequence.

The systems you set for yourself can have a great impact on your performance, set them up in your favor.


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