Power of the default

A lot of the time you need to focus on putting in extra, smarter work if you want to succeed. However that is not the only path to success. Sometimes, going with the default path saves you so much time that you don't lose out not putting in the extra work.

An example of this is investing. The vast majority of people will get better results picking a diversified passive strategy and staying the course. Yes there are clearly people like Warren Buffett and Seth Klarman who have been able to beat the market but you will find far fewer who are able to beat the market who don't make it their overiding life's goal. If you want to be a great investor, go for it but that is a career. If you are called to do something else with your life. you can save the hours and hours of study and large amounts of risk and go ahead with a diversified index strategy. Your results overtime will beat the majority of active traders and you will get much more time back.

So take a moment before you invest your time and decide is this something you want to do better than default and what is the cost?


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